27 Life Lessons on my Husband's 27th Birthday

27 Life Lessons on my Husband’s 27th Birthday

Today is my husband David’s 27th birthday! I talk about him enough on here that I think it’s pretty obvious he is an important part of my life. To commemorate his arrival to his late-20s, I decided to share 27 life lessons I learned from David for his 27th birthday.

27 Life Lessons on my Husband’s 27th Birthday

1. Anything can be Turned into a Positive

My friends and family like to talk about “Davidisms,” or all the funny things David says. I’ve talked about writing a book of all his comments because some of them are pure gold. One night, I was complaining about how windy it was outside (because I can be trivial!) and David responded “It’s a great day to be a wind chime!” That had us buckled over laughing! And I realized how pointless it was for me to complain about something that wasn’t affecting me directly.

2. Not everything Has to Be your Business

As a counselor, I, by definition, like to know about people’s lives. But, if I’m being truthful, this can teeter on being gossipy. I love to know what’s going with people that I know. David has found a good balance of when to get involved and when to hang back when it comes to other people’s problems. As a hands-on person, I struggle with not wanting to involve myself in problems that were never mine to solve in the first place!

3. It’s Never Too Late to Pursue your Passion

David is a non-traditional student and will be graduating this fall! He tried a few other programs after high school but never found one that he could see himself loving for his whole life. But he took his time and found a school program he would actually enjoy. He works so hard in school and his grades prove it!

4. Change Doesn’t have to be Scary

David and I have seen a lot of changes in the last few years. He uprooted his life in Michigan to move nine hours away with me to Syracuse when I wanted to go to grad school. We got two cats. (David, by the way, had never owned a cat before). When school was over, we moved back home and got engaged, then married. Less than a year later, we bought a house. A month after that, we got a dog. Through it all, I never saw David break a sweat because he was confident that we were able to handle anything!

5. It’s Okay to Ask for Help

I have a bad habit of trying to do everything myself. But David has taught me that asking for help is actually a good thing. I used to be so worried about burdening other people, but then he showed me that reaching out can make life easier!

6. Adventure will Bring you Closer Together

Every time we go on an adventure together, we end up not only having lots of fun, but we also learning a lot about each other and talk about the important things. Traveling together is a fun way that we can deepen our relationship.

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7. The Right Seasoning makes All the Difference

David is an excellent cook, and makes most of our meals. I love that he has taught me so much about cooking. We like to joke about how in the beginning of our relationship, he kept making me cheesecakes (my favorite!) but I was too anxious to ask for a piece! I bet he made me 5 or 6 cheesecakes before he finally gave up and stopped making them. He’s helped me to appreciate good taste and try new, interesting things.

8. Embrace Surprises

David is the most easy-going person that I know. God knows I need that in my life because I can be a little high strung! David has taught me to go with the flow. Trying to resist surprises doesn’t change the outcome, but it can make a difference how you feel about it!

9. Your Past does Not Define You

David wasn’t always the hard-working, exceptionally thoughtful person he is now. He has made some serious transformations over the last 10 years, and I’m still reeling over how far he has come! He is an amazing example of how your past doesn’t define you.

10. You do You

David is an interesting character. He does not care a wit about what people think about him. He is so unapologetically himself. When I find myself worrying about what other people think, I think about how David is able to let the opinions of others roll of his back, and it inspires me to do the same thing.

11. The Small Problems Won’t Matter in the Long Run

It’s hard for me to let things go. I’ve gotten much better about this in recent years, but holding grudges used to be a big problem for me. David has helped me to learn that the little problems in life don’t make much of a difference in the bigger picture. It’s best to let the small stuff go, and focus on the things that really matter.

12. A Good Cocktail can Go a Long Way

David makes the BEST drinks! Ask anyone who has had them! When we got married, he made all the beer and wine for our wedding. He loves to experiment, and I love to taste test. When I have a hard day at work, he loves to make me a drink to come home to. Then he asks all about my day and cheers me up. It’s not really about the drink, but it certainly adds a thoughtful touch!

13. Money Isn’t Everything

When David and I moved in together, we struggled to make ends meet. I was going to school full time and couldn’t work much. Meanwhile, David was working as much as possible. We learned very quickly to learn how to manage our money effectively. David taught me that even though money is a basic necessity, our relationship is more important. Even through our financial hardships, I know that I always have him to depend on.

14. It’s Okay to Admit when you’re Wrong

This is a lesson I’m still learning. David is so, so good at admitting when he was wrong. So good, in fact, that sometimes I get mad about it! (Isn’t it fun being an emotional person?) The truth is, I get frustrated with myself that I have a hard time extending the same courtesy. In reality, I appreciate more than I can put into words that he is so good at apologizing.

15. Not Everything has to be a Fight

I used to be a pretty defensive person. I was constantly worried that people would be mad at me or wouldn’t like me, so I felt like I had to prove myself to them. If I felt like I was being misunderstood, it became an argument. But David doesn’t play like that. He taught me the value of sitting down and talking things out — a pretty foreign concept to me.

16. Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

Sometimes I look back at things I’ve said or done and realized that I tend to take myself pretty seriously. David is really good at helping me loosen up, laugh at myself, and take things at face value. He’s helped me to realize that I’m not perfect and that’s okay! He helps me to appreciate the good things about myself.

17. Family is Everything

Both David and I have had our family troubles over the years. One thing that I really value about David is that he would do anything for his family, even when things get hard. He’s taught me valuable lessons about what it means to take care of my family, and how to step back when I need to.

18. Hard Work Pays Off

David is such a hard working person! When I’m working toward a goal, I have a hard time keeping a positive perspective. But David is the opposite. He keeps his head low and trudges along until the job is done. Whether it be school, work, or home life, he knows the value of hard work, and it shows.

19. Routine is Good for You

Some of my favorite words out of David’s mouth are “I’m locking us in!” He tells me this each night when he locks the doors, which signals our transition into “us time.” He’s taught me that routine isn’t boring at all. It’s comforting and wonderful! He is a big reason that I’m such a big promoter of having a solid routine.

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20. Optimism is a Choice

When I ask David how he stays so positive, his answer is often just “I don’t know. I just am!” The real answer is that he chooses to be optimistic, and reminds me that I have the same choice.

21. Thoughtfulness goes a Long Way

I could be having the worst day, and David will do something as simple as bring home a gallon of ice cream, or send me a text letting me know he is thinking of me. Simple gestures like this can make a big difference in the lives of others.

22. Worrying Gets you Nowhere

As much as I hate it when David will say “you need to stop worrying,” I know deep down he is right. When I ask him “What if _____ happens?” His answer is almost always “then we’ll deal with it!” I’ve learned that worrying is pointless, but problem-solving will make things much easier.

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23. Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

David has such a goofy sense of humor. He loves to make me laugh by doing the weirdest things, but it’s so endearing. I have learned that I don’t have to complicate problems by trying to turn them into something bigger than they are. David has taught me that laughing is a great distraction from my thoughts!

photo cred: Kendra Dolson @ Little Blue Bird Photography

24. Waiting is Worth It

We live in a world of instant gratification. But David doesn’t roll like that. He is very patient and takes his time making big decisions. This used to be something that frustrated me a lot. But over time, I grew to appreciate the fact that he doesn’t jump into anything that he isn’t 100% confident he wants. Even though waiting is hard, the self-assurance and delayed gratification is worth it.

25. Forgiveness is a Must

David has taught me the value of forgiveness. He has given me way more grace over the years than I ever deserved, but he does it because he knows that being angry doesn’t serve him any good, and he cares about our relationship. He has taught me to be better about letting things go.

26. Enjoy The Moment

David is very much a “here-and-now” sort of person. I admire how he is able to focus on the moment and not get sucked into his phone! When you have David’s attention, you have his full attention. I have a lot to learn from him about living in the moment and enjoying it for what it is.

27. Always say I Love You

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear David tell me that he loves me. He makes it a point to remind me throughout the day. He reminds me that it’s important to share my feelings and let others know that they are appreciated and loved.

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Which of these life lessons did you resonate with the most? Let me know in the comments!

27 Life Lessons on my Husband's 27th Birthday

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  • Christine

    This was way too sweet. Your happiness with David shines through in how you speak of him and what you’ve learned. Happy birthday to him!

  • Breanna Manson

    You two are so cute!! #relationshipgoals but for real these are all so perfect and profound. I really enjoyed this read! Thanks for sharing! (oh and Happy Birthday David!)

  • You two are adorable!! I loved reading these life lessons. Happy Birthday David!

  • Samantha O’Brian Summers

    I adore posts like these. Little gems of wisdom that work well for everyone. Happy Birthday to your Hubs!

  • Jessi Smith

    Very sweet post! Happy birthday to you hubby!

  • Bookmarking this since every single lessons is FABULOUS!!! Happy birthday to your hubs! I lovelovelove the point about worrying – it’s true, it really does get you nowhere. Not even worth it!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Such a wonderful post! It’s so important to take time and note all these down. It’s sort of things we already know, but writing them gives them place and importance. This kind of posts always make me think about what I’ve learned from my husband, which is always nice 😉

  • This is a really sweet post, you have learned SO many important lessons from your husband. I think saying “I love you” is really important and I definitely try not to make everybody’s business my business even though it can be tempting…