8 Quick and Easy Self-Care Practices for Work

8 Quick and Easy Self-Care Practices for Work

Happy Friday, friends! This is my first week back to work since I attended a 4-day conference last week. The conference was two hours away from home, which meant I was driving four hours each day. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get back into the swing of things this week.

For those of you who have been keeping up with my posts this week, you know I shared a pretty vulnerable post about how I quit my first job after 10 months. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and feedback! Since I’ve been working at my current job, I’ve gotten much better about making sure I carve out me-time at work. I don’t always get a lot of spare time on the job. There are some days where I have literally 10 minutes to take a break. That’s why I’m celebrating Fri-YAY with some of my favorite quick and easy self-care practices for work. Treat yo’self this week!

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Grab a Latte on your Break

When my coworkers and I are feeling overwhelmed and have a couple minutes, we run down to the coffee shop down the block and grab a cup of coffee. The whole trip takes us no more than 10 minutes, and it’s a great time to slow down, take a deep breath, catch up on our days, and drink something hot and soothing.


Keep Chocolate Close By

Did you know that chocolate releases endorphins in your brain, causing you to feel happy quick? Of course you did. That’s why we all love it. I like to keep dark chocolate Hershey Kisses or Dove Chocolates in my desk drawer for a quick pick-me-up. Dove’s Promises are a nice touch too to put me into a positive mindset.

Switch from Coffee to Tea

Nothing makes me feel more stressed than when I’m already struggling with a stressful day and I have the caffeine jitters. That’s why I like to mix it up and switch to tea sometime throughout the day. I’m always cold, so I need hot beverages on hand. Yogi Tea is my favorite, not only because they’re delicious, but because they have such inspiring messages on the tags. Yogi’s Egyptian Licorice is so spicy-sweet and tasty. I buy it several boxes at a time!

Take a Walk

I’m fortunate to work in a little medical park that has a pond and wildlife. When I’m feeling stressed and need some fresh air, I’ll take a quick stroll around the park for 5-10 minutes and take it all in. I practice mindfulness on my walks by paying attention to the sound of the birds or the sun on my skin. It’s one of my favorite quick and easy self-care practices for work because of how quickly I get out of my head.

Listen to Music, Audiobooks, or Podcasts

When I don’t have the time to set aside for myself in the work day, I just incorporate self-care into whatever I’m doing. I have a few playlists on Spotify that help me be productive, amp me up, or calm me down. If I’m not feeling music, I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. These are great for the commute too!

Keep a Cozy Sweater Handy

I’m wrapped up in a blanket right now. If I could spend my whole life in a cozy blanket, I would! But I think I’d get some funny looks at work if I was just nested up at my desk. So instead, I keep a nice long, knitted sweater around. It’s my work-appropriate way of curling up. Plus if I do get chilly, I can always lay it across my lap as a pseudo-blanket!

Take a Mini Spa Break

I keep some of my favorite lotions from Bath and Body Works in my desk drawer for when I need a quick mindful moment. I give myself a quick hand massage and rub the excess lotion on my neck. It’s like a mini pamper sesh right at my desk.

Set an Inspiring Desktop Wallpaper

Having a positive message to see when I log onto my computer makes a huge difference! You can find many great, free desktop wallpapers on Pinterest. I like to download a few of them and have them cycle through so I get a new message every few minutes to keep things fresh.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care at work? Let me know in the comments!

8 Quick and Easy Self-Care Practice for Work

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  • I’ve seen my roommate post inspirational and motivational sticky notes all over her wall, reminding herself to take breaks between studying, to drink more water, and just words of encouragement. It seems to be quite effective!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    These are really great! Taking a walk is so nice. When the weather cools down in Florida midday walks are going to be happen! Since I work from home I like to light a candle or diffuse some essential oils and that really helps me relax!

    • That’s one I forgot! I can’t burn candles in my office so I have a super cute wax melter with tons of waxes to keep my office cozy.

  • love these tips! I practice all of them, but instead of lotion i use coconut oil mixed with essential oils since its just lighter.

    • That’s a good idea! I need to bring some of my own essential oils into work. I’m always snagging my coworkers’ 🙂

  • Dannielle Alphonse

    Love these ideas!! Especially the chocolate! xo!

  • I currently work from home and I love to listen to podcasts while working. It definitely helps!

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  • Anna Hubbard

    At my internship, we would often take walk breaks since our job consisted of sitting in front of a computer all day. It definitely helped us out! Great tips!

  • This is great, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone deal with the topic of self-care at work before. These are good ideas and I have done similar things in the past even in my ‘job’ as a stay at home mom. When the kids get really crazy I sit them down with something that will keep them busy for a few and go into my room for 15 minutes alone to read a few pages, put some make up on, write, etc.

  • Melissa Javan

    I also listen to podcasts and webinars to get away lol

  • I think setting up a pleasant workspace can do wonders as well, and taking walks, get outside and just breathe!

  • Taylor Smith

    Chocolate is the KEY. I always need it on hand!

  • One of the best things I did for myself while working a stressful retail job was take a walk ourside during my breaks. It allowed me to clear my head and reset for the remainder of the day.

  • Great tips!!! Finding time for self care while at work is key to making it through the day. When things get a little overwhelming I always find taking a walk for a few minutes helps me unwind a little. Caffeine is a must as well to help me make it through the day.

    • Oh yes! Caffeine is a big one for me too. Thankfully, we order a lot of Starbucks around my office 🙂

  • Lisa

    I work at home but these tips work well for that also! I have a cup of tea next to me right now and a blanket over my lap.

  • Breena Blake

    No wonder I like chocolate so much! It really does make me instantly happy, it’s so weird but now I know why. And I love to have a pieces of chocolate with hot tea, so delicious!

  • Mary Tice

    I try to make it a point to take a mini-walk every hour or two around the outside of my office building if the weather is decent and around my office if it’s not. I like to use those few moments between tasks to breathe deep and clear my mind. And occasionally to grab a snack! But it’s my perfect self-care break

  • All of these tips make sense to me! I’m the same way & have always needed to bring a sweater no matter where I worked. lol it was funny when you said you could just live your whole life in a cozy blanket because when I’m at home I constantly have my blanket on too! I think my fav tip you gave was the one about the computer wallpaper — that makes a huge difference. Mine is a photo of my boyfriend & I, and seeing us so happy makes me thankful :))

    • Love that! I keep a photo of my husband and I on my desk too 🙂 I have been having a stressful week so I changed my background to a pretty wallpaper that said “you got this” and it helped so much.

  • Chevelle

    I love all of these tips! I never thought of keeping a warm sweater close by. That sounds so amazing and cozy. I am going to bring one in tomorrow!

  • Heather Hamilton

    I absolutely adore this post! I think that no matter where you work, there are times where you just become overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all. So many of these suggestions I am already implementing, and I will tell you, they make such a BIG difference. Its basically sane me at the end of the day, or stressed out me (when I haven’t had an opportunity to spend a second for myself. Thank you for sharing! Nice to now I am not alone!