Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

Advice to Myself as a College FreshmanThis year marks 10 years since I moved out and down to the cornfields of Indiana to start college. It doesn’t feel like it could possibly be that long ago, and yet here I am, long-since graduated and 10 years older. Over last week or so, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what it was like to start college. Facebook was new then, and I connected with a bunch of incoming freshmen before we even started school. I felt fortunate at the time, because I went in already having some friends.

I went to a very small, private school that hosted about 3000 students on campus. The college town was… not much of a town. The college hangout was a gas station where I had too many  not enough sprinkle donuts and Diet Cokes. And the biggest shenanigans we got into were trolling our brother floor. Bon Iver came to my school and performed before he was even famous, and I missed out. But I developed a love for indie music and still got to see some pretty incredible bands during my time down in the cornfields.

I actually started college as an English major, with plans to write poetry or teach for a living. Then somewhere along the way, I took a psychology class that changed my life, and I switched majors. I still got a minor in English writing. Nowadays, it feels good to be using both my English writing and Psychology skills on a daily basis.

There’s something funny about psychology and English writing: they both teach you a lot about yourself. I suppose that’s partly what college is for: discovering who you are. But I still think about how little I knew even after my 3.5 years down in Indiana.

Advice to myself as a College Freshman

1. Slow down.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

Congratulations! You made it to college. Now take a deep breath and take it all in. Don’t feel like you need to rush right through these next few years. It’s great that you want to graduate early, but college will be over so much quicker than you can fathom right now. So slow down. You don’t need to rush into a relationship. You don’t need to have friends on the first day of school. Take the time to be choosy and thoughtful when making big decisions.

2. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

In college, you’re going to learn a lot of hard lessons about who your true friends are. You’re going to be faced with a lot of adversity from all angles right off the bat. This passive-aggressive attitude is not going to serve you. People respect you when you’re up front. Even though it’s hard, it’s time to learn how to muster the courage to speak up for yourself.

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3. You are not like everybody else, and that’s okay.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

Comparing yourself to others is going to lead you down a slippery slope for the next three years of your life. You will wrestle so much with feeling accepted by others that you won’t accept yourself. Let go of feeling like you need to look and act like everybody else. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

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4. Take time to develop good habits.

Take the opportunity to learn, because one day you’ll be aching to be a student again. College isn’t going to come easy for you like high school did. It’s going to take a lot of effort, and you’re going to do horribly your first year. That’s okay. It gives you a story to help others later in life. Take this time to learn how to prioritize, manage your money, organize, and study hard. You will carry those skills with you for the rest of your life.

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5. Hold your friends close.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

This is the last time in your life that you’ll ever have this many friends in this close of proximity ever again. Enjoy every moment of living with your BFFs. Take advantage of as many events as possible. Soak in those evenings of watching The Office with 20 other girls. Remember how it feels to laugh until you feel sick. And when you move off campus, make sure you make time for your friends in the dorms. Friendships are a two-way street.

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6. But take time for yourself.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

Stop trying to force yourself to be an extrovert, you little introvert you. When you need a moment alone, take it. People won’t always understand that you need the quiet moments, but that’s okay. It’s time you learned how to take care of yourself.

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7. Stop worrying about the money.

Yes, the student loans are scary. But you will be able to afford them, even if you can’t fathom that right now. Stop making yourself sick out every time you take out a new loan. Someday, you’ll take out even more loans for your Master’s degree, and you’ll still be able to pay them each month. You’re going to find a great job in the next few years and the loans will be worth it.

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8. And stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

Students will disguise their judgments as caring about you. And it’s going to hurt. Don’t doubt your intuition for a second. You have a good head on your shoulders even though people will try to make you doubt your choices.

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9. And when you do make mistakes, you’ll survive.

Sometimes, you will choose the wrong friends, date the wrong people, and say the wrong things. It’s okay, because you’ll come out stronger because of them all. Embrace the fact that you don’t know everything.

10. Learn how to practice forgiveness.

Holding onto those grudges is not serving you any good. Learn how to open your heart and forgive the people who have hurt you. Someday, you’re going to have a great relationship with some of them again, and you’ll wonder how you went so long being angry.

11. And how to keep an open mind.

You’re going to meet a lot of people who are different than you. And you’re going to have a lot of experiences that will challenge your ideas. Even though you may not realize it now, you’re going to learn a lot from it all, and it’s going to shape how you view the world. Your stubbornness is not going to get you far. Learn how to appreciate differences in opinions. You’ll learn some things that will completely change your life.

12. Gain as much experience as possible.

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

In less than a year, the economy is going to collapse and it’s going to make it really hard for you to get a job. So gain as much experience as possible. Get an internship, take an independent study course, study abroad, and take this time to be curious about the field. You have a wealth of resources in college that you won’t have once you graduate. Take advantage of the experts you have the privilege of surrounding yourself with every day.

13. But don’t forget to have fun!

Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

College is going to be one of the greatest times of your life. Soak in every moment of it.

What advice would you give yourself going into college? If you’re a in college now or starting college this year, what’s some of the best advice you got?

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Advice to Myself as a College Freshman

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  • I love this! I didn’t have a normal college experience (I’m sure you saw that coming lol) but I just sent this to my little sister who is starting college in a few weeks!

  • Calleigh -The Fork Bite

    What an inspiring post for freshmen students. It’s still fresh in my mind when I started to embark the college life with so many tears and joy combined.

  • Jenna Urben

    These are great pieces of advice!! I totally agree that you should focus on developing healthy habits in college. I wish I would have put more time into learning how to cook, clean up, etc.

  • Jennifer Seislove

    This is wonderful and inspiring advice for college freshman…I would have loved to hear this years ago.

  • Love this advice for freshmen! Those years feel like forever ago for me haha.

  • I completely agree with all of your advice. I especially feel that point about not stressing about money. I’m about to graduate really soon and looking at my loan freaks me out.
    College has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I have learnt such a crazy amount…mostly about myself.

  • Ugh great read! This makes me miss my college days too! You definitely don’t realize how great college was until it’s too late.

  • These are some great tips!! I sometimes miss being in High school and not having so many responsibilities as I do now haha

  • These are all great tips. I graduated in 2009 and I don’t know where the time went!

  • Yes to so many of these. I started at University in 2006 and the advice I would offer myself is:
    1) Get involved earlier, or get a part time job (you have too much time on your hands!)
    2) Live with friends, then live with new friends! It’s ok to shake it up (and the friendships might last better that way)
    3) Give up soda/chips cold turkey. It’s EVERYWHERE and 100% the reason you are gaining all that weight
    4) Stop playing tetris in class, you’re missing out on so much valuable knowledge, and you’ll never get this opportunity again.

    Laura @

  • I agree with these 100% – you’re so wise. Every college student needs to read this before going into their freshman year!

  • Taylor Smith

    Great advice! I would give myself the advice of taking more pictures! I wish I had done that more!!!

  • SUCH GOOD ADVICE. I 100% agree with asserting yourself too…that made SUCH a difference for me, in everything from making friends to group projects!

    Coming Up Roses

  • This is such a good post with so many amazing pieces of advice! College is such an overwhelming time especially when we are so young. I think it’s so hard to stay kind to yourself in that time.