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Hi new friend! I’m so glad you found my corner of the internet! I’m Amanda: a  twenty-something Michigander who loves outdoor adventures, 90s music, and lots and lots of Mexican food. I live with my husband David, my two orange kitties, and my Shiba Inu.

I am an INFJ former-emo kid turned into purple-haired professional. I’m an indie music lover, book-worm, and creative extraordinaire. I work full-time as a counselor. When I’m not working, I’m blogging. And when I’m not blogging there’s a great chance that I’m spending my time binging on Harry Potter with a heaping bowl of ice cream. I find my happy place in the heart of nature and I try to spend as much time outside as possible. I’m passionate about living a life of wellness, but I also won’t turn down a pint of craft beer!

My husband, David, is my favorite person in the whole world! We started dating in 2009, and got married in September 2015. We have three fur children together. They are my joy!

I have to give David a lot of credit because he has been my biggest supporter in creating The Light Owl. When I told him that I was thinking about starting a blog, he was 100% supportive. He helped me get my blog set up, reads through my ideas, takes photos, and gives me lots of feedback. The Light Owl would not exist without him!

Here’s our first photo together back in 2009. So young!

Here we are now! Photo cred to the lovely Kendra Dolson @ Little Blue Bird Photography


From left to right, our fur children: Squash, Koji, and Ollie! We collect orange animals. 😉

About The Light Owl

The Light Owl got its name as a play on words for “night owl.” I chose the name to reflect wisdom with an inspired flare. My goal for The Light Owl is to spread love, positivity, and inspiration through my writing and intentional lifestyle. We’ll talk about loads of ways to rock your relationships, feel great about yourself, conquer your goals, and create an amazing lifestyle of happiness and wellness. You’ll learn about my life and how I apply the principles I write about. And sometimes we’ll get into the tough stuff and learn how to get through the muck of life together. Without the bad, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good so it is important to talk about both!  I will always be real and authentic with you, and I hope that you’ll grow with me as we pursue all the amazing things this life and this world has to offer. I’m very passionate about creating the best life for myself and hope that I can help you do the same. At its heart, this blog is a reflection of my soul and it is very special to me!  I’m pumped to have you here!


Don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from you. You can find me all over the place around here!

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